2080: A fundraiser against mass extinction


Chicago’s favorite Talking Heads tribute band reunites to play music and raise awareness and money for solutions to climate change and environmental destruction.

doortime: 8pm
opener TBD: 9pm
tmbtb: 10pm
adv price: $25
door price: $30

tickets for Nov 4:


tickets for Nov 5:


Here’s a description of the reason for the show, coming from one of our good friends and maybe the most rabid Heads fan we know, Hillary Plemons:

Hello again. Thanks so much for coming to read this part of the page. I was hoping to see you here. I have some good news and some bad news for you. The bad news (well cataclysmic news, really) is that 2080 is the year predicted for mass extinction if we continue wasting precious time and don’t change course NOW. It’s hard to imagine, but the end of the world as we know it is nearer than it’s ever been before. The good news is that getting out of a jam like this is still achievable, I don’t care how impossible it seems.  The bad news is that achieving a “sustainable global future” necessitates transformational changes and unprecedented widespread actions. These changes include ambitious emissions reductions, ending deforestation, and cutting the use of pesticides in half. The good news is that while it’s not gonna be easy to get things done, these are also not difficult things to achieve; they just require everybody getting involved. The bad news is that with the current laws made in Washington, D.C, it’s kind of like fighting fire with fire. 

But some good news is that a study was just published this August that found  an average of 73% of Americans support “transformative” climate change policies. The bad news is that a high majority of Americans vastly underestimate the number of their peers whom they believe share in their concerns.  This kind of psychological disconnect is bad for anything that requires collective action, as people are less likely to speak up or act out when they falsely believe that  everyone around them feels the future is certain and is therefore doing nothing at all.  As a result, nothing ever happens.  The good news is that now we know so many of us feel this way, we can all stop being coy and actually do something to prevent a major disaster.  So, do you believe that climate change is an urgent matter of grave importance and requires widespread collective action? So say so! Are you willing to do all that it takes if it’s right? I’m talking to you and I hope you’re concentrating, because the world, which is on fire, is on course for mass extinction by 2080. We don’t want future generations (if we make it that far) who study towns that disappeared completely to look back and see that as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention. Years from now, do you really want to have to wake up and wonder “How did I get here? Where is that protection that I needed?”  

What if the world ended in 1980? Two tragic effects immediately obvious are that 1) many people reading this would never have been born and 2) some of Talking Heads’ best albums would never have been made. The good news is, that it didn’t.   Also the good news is that This Must Be the Band is reuniting for their yearly benefit engagement. The bad news is, they will be at a smaller venue than years prior, so less tickets available; the good news is that there will be two shows. This year funds will be going to a bevy of groups working towards environmental causes on all levels – such as The Nature Conservancy, Urban Initiatives, and about eight others. 

2080 may seem out of reach, but people alive in 1922 probably felt the same away about 1980.  So consider this – do you have any relatives who would have been alive in 1922, and can you also think of a time that you were both alive? Those of you reading this may not be alive by 2080, but our kids might be or our kids’ kids, or our friends’ kids. Don’t they deserve the same chance at life?

So, there’s good points, some bad points. Mull it over, but pay attention to the warning signs of things to come. Hope to see you at Chop Shop on November 4th and 5th, where we’ll get together again and celebrate the world not ending in 1980, as we all try to stay cool while the heat goes on.  \




Sparkman, G., Geiger, N. & Weber, E.U. Americans experience a false social reality by underestimating popular climate policy support by nearly half. Nat Commun 13, 4779 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-022-32412-y

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