“This Must Be the Band” is Chicago’s only and therefore best Talking Heads Tribute Band; only performing Talking Heads music, and, if possible, 3 to 4 hours at a time.

Formed in May of 2007, This Must Be the Band began by playing the cov- eted pizza joint circuit, the most notable of which was the city-famous Piece Pizza in Wicker Park. Since then, the band has expanded east to NYC and west to San Francisco.

This Must Be the Band has two main dishes on their menu: the first is a succulent “All-Request Show,” with a generous helping of audience partici- pation, flavored slightly by improvisation. The second is the hailed “Stop Making Sense Re-Creation,” where the band performs note-for-note and prop-for-prop the famous Talking Heads concert film from 1984. For three years running, the band has performed this show to a sold-out crowd at the Vic Theatre and Park West in Chicago.

This Must be the Band is extremely happy to play Talking Heads music night after night because the music is just that much fun. Not only has the lead singer (Charlie Otto) been called “the illegitimate son of David Byrne,” but the band boasts its very own Tina Weymouth (Jamie Jay), Bernie Worrell (Matt Gunsaulus), Adrian Belew (Otto), and Ednah Holt (Kasey Foster).


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What People are Saying

“As a cover band, they take on the persona of the band very well.  As a group of musicians, they have become very tight over their two years of playing concerts together.  All of this combined for probably the most fun I’ve had at a concert all year.” – Jason Evans, Buzz News

Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense comes to life! – Eric Heisig, the217.com, Stop Making Sense comes to Life – Eric Heisig

“A local Chicago band, This Must Be The Band is a Talking Heads Tribute Band and plays songs exclusively from the Heads’ huge catalog of music. I was lucky enough to attend their sold out show at Martyr’s in Chicago on November 1st and it was not something I’ll forget anytime soon. This Must Be The Band took on the huge undertaking of recreating the classic concert movie Stop Making Sense nearly shot for shot and in my opinion it was an incredible success.” David Biggs, Buzz News –> This Must be the Band!

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