Headin’ out West


This Must Be The Band is excited about so many events coming up very shortly.

This Saturday, Aug 13th, we play for hours in Chicago with guitar legend Chris Siebold (Howard Levy, Kick the Cat). Chris is probably my favorite guitarist of all time, so lucky us that he happens to love the Talking Heads. Who can blame him?  Nazis?  Maybe.

Right after that show, we make the gorgeous 25 hour drive to Jackson, WY to kick off our two week tour of the Ol’ West, covering Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado. We are so excited to be back out there for these 9 shows, because mountain folk love to rage extremely hard, probably due to the fact that so few bands can make the trek.  We are just happy that there (probably) won’t be any ice on the mountain passes this time.

And more, we are so happy to be able to offer our first piece of merchandise, by the name of “This Must Be the (head)Band.”  They’re pretty much amazing.


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  1. sam says:

    Come to Tahoe