June 5 – Do Division Fest! – Dance Contest! Exclamation Point!


Come to Do Division Fest June 4 and 5 at Damen and Division! TMBTB will be playing a superspecial, non-stop hits dance rage marathon from 8 to 10 Sunday night the 5th to close out the Fest. We are serious, we will not stop playing. The drummer will probably die.

The best part: COMPETITION. Dance. Competition. Dance Competition.
One song will move straight into the next one, and we will be watching the audience to see who can dance the entire time. $100 goes to the best, most nonstop dancer. We will try to have people handing out water if its especially hot, but just so we’re clear, here are the rules:

1.) You must be there at 7:55 pm in place waiting in front of the stage ready to go. Be hydrated.
2.) From the very first note, you must dance. No swaying, no rocking back and forth, dancing. Dancing hard. The kids call it raging.
3.) You must not stop the entire time. If you need to get water or beer, you better dance over there and dance while you’re in line.
4.) If only one person does it nonstop, he will get the $ no matter how plain his moves are. But if a bunch of people make it the whole time, the best dancer gets the Gold. We will probably let our resident dancer/singer, Kasey Foster, decide who the winner is. We reserve the right to give out Silver and Bronze, which might be less money or something like that.

Sunday, June 5
Do Division Fest
Division and Damen
8pm to 10pm

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