~ Remain in Light ~



~ Remain in Light ~

May 7 & May 8

On May 7/8 we will be performing the famous studio album “Remain in Light” in its entirety. After that set, it will be business as usual, as TMBTB will play a long second set of all the favorites from the Heads’ other albums.

Come dance your ass off.



$12 in advance

$14 @ the door

Other Cool Things

We have created a T-Shirt for the very special shows we are playing at Martyrs in May. We are creating the entire Remain In Light album, including outtakes. We will also play a second set of various Heads music, and will not repeat the same song either night. These shows are sure to be very memorable and nostalgic. To help you remember these legendary nights, we thought we would create a concert t-shirt for your wearing pleasures!

They are avaliable in white, grey, and beige. The image for the shirt will be what our profile picture is now, with the information on the bottom. 15$ Each. Please email thismustbetheband@gmail.co

m to place your order. Also, if you pre-order your shirt before the show, we will throw in a complimentary 12″ X 18″ concert poster as our way of saying thanks!


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